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Jesse plans to pursue a business degree.

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Jesse is a top athlete in football.

Jesse Sanders

Scholarship Recipient in 2020



University of South Carolina

About Jesse


Playing football and baseball are two things that Jesse enjoys doing! He recently got into playing golf and loves to play video games with his friends. At University of South Carolina, Jesse plans to study business. Spending time with his family, serving the community, and his faith in God are all very important to him.

What did earning the Kristen Julia Drenten Memorial Scholarship mean to you?

"Earning the Kristen Julia Drenten scholarship has meant everything to me. Her story was so touching being my brother passed away just two weeks ago. The way she was so selfless has inspired me to keep doing the same in my future. She touched the South Aiken community more than she could ever know. The financial aid is also life-changing for me, coming from a single-parent home, and not having someone to pay for my college. It will go towards my tuition or any other college fees!"