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Andrea will attend USCA.

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Andrea is a talented artist.

Andrea L. Martinez

Scholarship Recipient in 2020



University of South Carolina at Aiken (USCA)

About Andrea


Andrea enjoys hanging out with my family and friends. She loves drawing and being active. Andrea plays soccer, volleyball, and enjoys bowling. Andrea is considering becoming an art teacher to try to help other young artists become better at what they love to do. She hopes to be a blessing in students' lives and help out as much as she can while teaching them about art, which is one of her passions. 

What did earning the Kristen Julia Drenten Memorial Scholarship mean to you?


"Earning the Kristen Julia Drenten Memorial Scholarship was very meaningful to me. I'm honored to win this scholarship because it is such a meaningful scholarship and Kristen's legacy is still living to this day. I'm happy that my story could touch someone and I hope that some of the ideas that I wrote in my essay can come to someone's attention and help out students that went or are going through the same situation as I did."