Stacy (left) and her sister Megan (right).

Stacy on her high school graduation day.

Stacy Sims

Scholarship Recipient in 2001




BS, Early Childhood Education


About Stacy


Stacy has been teaching kindergarten and first grade for seven years. She is currently a kindergarten teacher at Lake City Elementary in Florence County District 3. She previously taught first grade at Clearwater Elementary in Aiken, SC.  In 2008, Stacy was awarded Teacher of the Year by Walmart of Lake City. She is also an active volunteer in the Lake City community, where she recently bought a home. She enjoys driving to Myrtle beach and sight-seeing in the mountains of South Carolina and North Carolina. Stacy visited California when she graduated college and plans to go back to visit in the near future.


What did earning the Kristen Julia Drenten Memorial Scholarship mean to you?


"It was a truly an honor to earn the Kristen Julia Drenten Scholarship. I am very grateful that I received the scholarship in 2001. It enabled me to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher and earning a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. I strongly believe that this scholarship keeps Kristen's dreams alive. She was a very strong supporter of education. I truly hope I can make a difference!"