Steven (right) and his brother Joey (left).

Steven Mets

Scholarship Recipient in 2011



In Progress ~ BS, Computer Science, Clemson University

Anticipated Graduation in 2015


About Steven


Steven is working hard as a Computer Science major at Clemson, but he still makes time for other things—He is involved in his church, and he is into video games (both playing and programming), drawing, and cooking. 


What did earning the Kristen Julia Drenten Memorial Scholarship mean to you?


"I’ve struggled with health issues all my life.  This has made many things in life a challenge for me that came easily to my friends.  Physically I couldn’t keep up with them, and I had to work hard academically due to all the school I missed.  People didn’t always understand what it took for me to keep up.   It meant so much to me that I earned this scholarship because it meant someone acknowledged and understood all I had to do to get here."